"You can make a difference too...

...Here's What Actual Cancer Survivors    Participating in the "Portraits of Hope" Exhibit Have To Say."

Nothing Speaks Better Than The Words Of Actual Clients

“Thank you for the beautiful, momentous, moving, uplifting, and spiritual portrait you created .You made the experience a moving and exciting journey to celebrate life. The session was well done, quick, and so artful. My family and I were moved to tears. It was such a joy to experience this exhibit. I think you captured the essence of each woman through both the portrait and the statement about her. Waco, you have an inspired gift in your Portraits of Hope exhibit. You not only raise awareness for the cause and cure for breast cancer, you also showcase how such a rainbow of people are touched by this disease. You encourage all to recognize that this journey is one to be shared by all. Thanks so much.”
                                                                                       Kerry Lockwood Owen




“The whole experience was very professional and my portrait reinforced the fact that I was still me. Everyone liked my smile and the fact that I could still play. I would love to do it again!”
                                                                      Paula Younger



“Waco, I think this exhibit has been the most positive thing that the mall has provided for its shoppers in years. The pre-planning and the actual session were excellent. You can tell this is a true labor of love and these portraits have touched so many people in our community. This exhibition makes cancer very real, it brings it home to those of us who work, play and know the survivors on a daily basis and provides us with hope and encouragement that one day a cure will be as common as the standard cold.”
                                                                                     Susan Austin

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